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Registered Hereford Cattle

Hereford cattle are known as "efficiency experts," doing more with less, according to the May/June 2018 Hereford World editorial,  Herefords have a 7% higher pregnancy rate, earn $51more per cow per year, have a $30 advantage in feedlot profitability, and a $20 advantage in feed efficiency.  This research can be found at

For Sheila Miller, raising Hereford cattle is based on more than just statistics.  She grew up on a commercial Hereford farm and always enjoyed her parents' beef cattle.  She has always appreciated the breed's docile temperament, efficiency, and productivity on pasture.  "Mike and I purchased our first registered Herefords in 1979," she recalls.  "Over the years, we have invested in some of the best genetics from across the state and country and are proud of the cow herd that grazes the rolling hills of Deitschland Farm today."


The herd bull, pictured above as a calf and at 5 years, sired our calves born from 2012 through 2016.  He was purchased from Kansas State University in the spring of 2011.  KSU Revolution 021, a homozygous polled bull, was sired by the popular MSU TCF Revolution 4R and was out of a Remitall Governor 236G cow. We have been extremely pleased with Rev's calves over the years.  The 2016 crop will be the final group of calves sired by this impressive bull.  We are putting eight of his daughters from 2016 into our cow herd, joining other daughters already in production. For detailed pedigree information and EPDs, click here.


Prior to Rev, our herd bull KJ C&L J119 Scotsman 189S ET also came to Pennsylvania via Kansas.  He came out of Kevin and Sheila Jensen's herd and produced attractive, good-uddered daughters and bull calves with lots of top and muscle definition.

   KJ C&L J119 Scotsman 189S ET

    CS Bomber 6L  S.O.D.


Our cow herd features high-performing females, including several that have earned the American Hereford Association's prestigious Dam of Distinction honor.  Under the prefixes of DL and ECM, these cows are the combined result of three decades of genetic and phenotypic selection.  Our females are functional, sound and maternal with good dispositions.  Their pedigrees include a Boomer 29F son, CS Bomber 6L (picture far left), who was purchased from Stockdale Hereford Farm.  Bomber was the Champion Hereford Bull at the 2003 Keystone International Livestock Exposition in Harrisburg, PA.  Bomber has earned his place on the AHA's Sire of Distinction list - bulls that sire efficient, fertile and productive females.  To be honored as a Sire of Distinction a bull must have produced daughters that have received at least seven Dams of Distinction awards.

Deitschland Farm and ECM individual females have achieved Dam of Distinction honors from 1999 to 2019, missing only in 2004, 2012 and 2017.  The miss in 2017 was due to the record keeper and not the cows!  We are thrilled to have three cows honored as DODs in 2019.  There were 748 Hereford performance herds in 41 states recognized  this year which included fourteen Pennsylvania breeders. 

Thanks to everyone who bought females from our recent
calf crops.


    KCF Bennett 2107 C265


DTF Santana C776 8F03

KCF Bennett 2107 C265 was purchased in 2016 from Knoll Crest Farm, Red House, Virginia.  He is an April 19, 2015 son of RST 0124 Timesawastin 2107 out of KCF Miss 732T 296 ET.  His first five calves arrived in February and March 2017 and birth weights averaged 80 pounds.  In 2017, he covered seven yearling heifers by Rev.  The C265 bull has maintained a moderate frame size; he graduated to herd sire in September 2017.  His calf crops have been exceptional.  We have been very pleased with their uniformity, conformation, and disposition.  With daughters entering the cow herd in 2021, we will be selling C265 at the end of this year's breeding season.  He is available to purchase any time after August 2021.  His AHA registration number is P43601050  His daughters are being exposed to our Santana bull and have calves at side by this junior herd sire.

Stepping into the role of senior herd sire in 2022 will be the exciting young bull we purchased from Deer Track Farm, Spotsylvania, Virginia.  DTF Santana C776 8F03 is a January 31, 2018 son of KCF Bennett Homeward C776.  He has been tested and is MB defect free.  We are pleased with this young sire's calves.  He is a +8.1 for calving ease, exhibits good muscle and conformation, is sound, and has a gentle disposition.  His AHA registration number is P43950989.  Congratulations to Bob Schaffer, owner of Deer Track Farm, on being elected to the American Hereford Association's board of directors in October, 2020.  We brought another Deer Track Farm bull to serve our yearling heifers.  More information on this outcross bull will be shared in the near future.


Contact us if you are looking for females to add to your herd.

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