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Cattle For Sale


Productive and practical - two words that describe the cattle we raise at Deitschland Farm. Our females are attractive, bold ribbed, and stout. They have the structural integrity to be long-lasting, productive cows within your operation.


Quality and efficiency are the two traits our customers appreciate about the breeding stock and feeder cattle they purchase from Deitschland Farm. We are certified by the state BQA program, which is designed to encourage production practices that are safe for beef cattle and beef consumers. For more information, visit

The 2020 heifers have been weaned and they are looking great.  They are sired by our current senior herd bull KCF Bennett 2107 C265 and will be ready to breed in spring next year.  We are offering a small group of these heifers for sale as open females.  Contact us for more information.  Visitors are always welcome.  We have daughters of C265 that are bred and will have calves by the young bull we purchased from Deer Track Farm, our junior herd sire.  As a result, our Knollcrest Farm bull will be sold following this year's breeding season and DTF Santana C776 8F03 will be graduating to senior herd sire in 2021.

Proven Females


An investment in Deitschland Farm genetics means bringing a female into your operation that will work.  We pride ourselves in offering cattle that have the ability to perform well in the showring, but more importantly function once put into production.


We use artificial insemination on yearling heifers, or calving-ease  yearling bulls to help ensure a successful first calving.  Our cow herd is covered by outstanding herd bulls.  We welcome your interest in incorporating females from Deitschland Farm into your breeding program.

Heifer successfully shown by Jeffcoats.

Profitable Feeders


The Hereford breed has a history of efficiency  Over the years, breeders have worked with feedlots across the nation to measure and analyze data that clearly shows their ability to perform in a feedyard and provide a quality carcass.  According to a 2010 study, Hereford steers average nearly 4 pounds of gain per day at a cost of gain of $ 0.59 per pound based on grain prices at that time.


Whether you are selling steers through a freezer beef business as we do, or through other marketing avenues,  the growth, yield, muscling and marbling you will find in Deitschland Farm feeder cattle will keep your customers coming back!



Contact us if you are looking for a proven bull for your herd.  KCF Bennett 2107 C265 was purchased from Knollcrest Farm in 2016, this bull is a moderate framed, calving ease sire with an excellent disposition.  AHA registration number: P43601050  Photos taken in August and September 2020 in his working clothes.

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