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Forever in our Hearts:


Bonnie Greer - 11/26/95 to 11/24/08

Tri-Boy - 11/21/00 to 6/15/15

Nellie - 11/21/00 to 9/22/14

Bart - 12/29/03 to 10/5/15

Pennie - 12/29/03 to 9/1/13

Macie - 7/2/09 to 3/19/18


"It is hard to imagine life on the farm without Border collies to lend helping paws. They trained us, more than we trained them, to herd cattle.  Watching them walk up on young calves with just the right amount of eye, or later watching them put manners on uncooperative yearlings with a bit more power, was always amazing to witness.  They always seemed to know just how much "dog" was needed.  We have much admiration for our canine partners and miss them.  The pups that left Deitschland Farm to work on farms or be family pets brought the same joy to their new families' lives as that which we experienced.  It was always gratifying to get updates from their owners.  When they had to share the sad news of one of the Border collies  departing this life, my heart would ache and break as much as when I had to face the same lessons of mortality for the ones I spent every day caring for and loving.  I am no longer raising Border collies  but have enjoyed each and every litter that was whelped here." 
Sheila Miller

Border Collies


Deitschland Farm has been utilizing the talents of Border collies in managing the cattle herd since 1996 when we purchased our first female, Bonnie, the matriarch of our Border collie family.  These are working dogs and also faithful companions.  Bonnie and her offspring, Tri-Boy, Nellie, Bart and Pennie, are now herding cattle in greener pastures.  Their legacy and love for working Herefords lived on in our one remaining Border collie, Macie, a granddaughter of Bonnie, who joined them far too soon in March 2018.  Her passing brought to an end the line of beloved dogs that worked as partners on our farm for more than twenty years.  We miss them and their insatiable love of working cattle, chasing geese off the ponds, playing in the snow, and their unquestioning friendship.

We brought Bonnie home to Deitschland Farm in 1996.

Bonnie had four litters of pups that went on to be tremendous working dogs and life-long companions for their families.

Tri Boy





"Our family loved the litters of Border collie puppies that called Deitschland Farm home for at least 8 weeks of their lives before going to new homes.  In this 2002 photo, Bonnie's second litter is wrapped up in the arms of my dad Vernon, daughter Emilie, mother Mildred, and mother-in-law Kathaleen, while Mike, father-in-law Charlie, and I join in the pose.  We miss having Mike's parents with us in recent years.  They are with their heavenly Father now and keeping watch over us from above.  My dad joined them in February 2017.  We feel them with us every day."



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